How long to smoke chicken breast at 225?

How long to smoke chicken breast at 225?

Smoking chicken breast at a low temperature of 225°F can be tricky, but if you get it right, you’ll be rewarded with tender and succulent meat. Not only is the outcome incredibly delicious, but smoking your chicken breast also allows for ultimate control over the ingredients used and is more economical than store-bought alternatives.

This blog post’ll discuss how long to smoke chicken breast at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal results. We will also provide helpful tips on how to season the meat and tricks to ensure it doesn’t dry out while being cooked. So get your smoker ready, and let’s dive into smoking an unforgettable chicken dish!

Why Smoke Chicken Breast at 225?

Smoking chicken breast at 225°F is a tried-and-true technique used in barbecue and smoking to achieve tender, flavorful, and juicy results. Let’s delve into why this temperature is often recommended:

How long to smoke chicken breast at 225

Low and Slow Cooking: By smoking at 225°F, you’re embracing the philosophy of low and slow cooking. This method involves cooking the chicken breast at a lower temperature for an extended period, allowing the connective tissues to break down slowly and resulting in a final product that’s more tender and moist. This is especially crucial for chicken breast, which can become dry and tough when cooked at higher temperatures.

Moisture Retention: The beauty of smoking at a lower temperature lies in its ability to retain the chicken breast’s moisture. The gentle heat allows the proteins to coagulate gradually, preventing excessive moisture loss and delivering a juicier texture.

Smoke Absorption: When you smoke at 225°F, your chicken breast gets to spend quality time in the smoky embrace. The extended exposure to smoke imparts a rich and balanced flavor. It strikes the perfect balance, ensuring the meat absorbs the desirable smokiness without being overly smoked or bitter.

Even Cooking: Cooking at a lower temperature ensures that the heat permeates the chicken breast evenly from the outside to the center. This eliminates the risk of overcooking the exterior while leaving the interior undercooked. The result? A consistently cooked chicken breast that will impress your taste buds!

Food Safety: Smoking at 225°F is generally regarded as safe for poultry. The slow cooking process guarantees that the internal temperature of the chicken reaches a minimum of 165°F, effectively eliminating any harmful bacteria. Rest assured; you can savor your tender creation with peace of mind.

Remember that smoking chicken breast, like any cooking method, requires attention to detail and proper food safety practices. To ensure both safety and your desired texture, use a reliable meat thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the chicken. Additionally, consider basting or spritzing the chicken breast during smoking to enhance its moisture and flavor.

Is It Better to Smoke Chicken Breast Skin On or Off

Whether to smoke chicken breast with the skin on or off sparks much debate among smoking enthusiasts. The skin behaves differently during the smoking process compared to the meat.

Traditionally, many people prefer leaving the skin on, anticipating a crispy outcome. Nonetheless, a low smoking temperature of 225°F results in tough and leathery skin instead of the desired crunch.

At 225°F, the chicken skin remains far from achieving crispness as its moisture is not fully extracted. Consequently, it becomes chewy and challenging to enjoy.

Therefore, it is advisable to remove the skin while smoking chicken at 225°F.

Alternatively, one can increase the smoker’s temperature to a range between 300°F-350°F, effectively drawing out moisture from the skin and achieving a delightful crispness. However, higher temperatures pose the risk of over-drying the meat, leading to tough and chewy chicken breasts. Therefore, exercise caution when adjusting the smoker’s temperature.

Another method to attain that desired crispy skin involves using the broiler or grilling the smoked chicken breast. Be sure to remove the chicken breast a few degrees before it reaches the desired level of doneness to prevent overcooking while searing the skin.

When grilling or broiling, keeping a close eye on the chicken skin is crucial as it can burn easily if left unattended. However, it is important to note that grilling or broiling may not impart the same smoky flavor as smoking at 275°F.

Choosing between leaving the skin on or removing it depends on whether you prefer exceptionally crispy skin or a more robust, smoky flavor.

How Long to Smoke Chicken Breast at 225?

The smoking time of chicken breast depends on its size and type—a 2 oz. Chicken breast cooks faster than a 4 oz. one, while a bone-in breast takes longer compared to a boneless one.

In general, smoking chicken breast at 225°F should take about 1 hour. Keep smoking until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. Remember to use a meat thermometer to ensure doneness. Cooked chicken breasts should have a temperature of 165°F.

Alternatively, you can remove the chicken breast from the smoker when it reaches a temperature between 155°F and 160°F. Let it rest properly; skipping this step can result in chewy and dry chicken.

Due to carryover cooking, the internal temperature of the chicken breast will continue to rise as it rests. Aim for a final temperature of 165°F.

How Long To Smoke Bone-in Skin-On Chicken Breast At 225?

Bone-in skin-on chicken breasts require additional cooking time due to the bone’s presence, which prevents the breast from drying out and adds savory flavor, resulting in perfectly moist meat. 

However, leaving the chicken breast in the smoker for an extended period may result in overcooked, dry meat. Smoking chicken breast can take up to 4 hours depending on the breast’s size. 

Despite this, it is essential to check the temperature regularly, beginning after approximately 1 1/2 hours of smoking. 

Use an instant-read thermometer to verify the chicken is thoroughly cooked and reaches an internal temperature of 165°F, being cautious not to touch the bone with the probe, resulting in inaccuracies. 

How Long to Smoke Boneless Chicken Breasts at 225?

Smoking boneless chicken breasts is a great way to infuse flavor into the meat. These chicken breasts cook relatively quickly at 225°F, typically taking around an hour. 

However, the cooking time can vary based on the size of the meat. Thicker chicken breasts may take 2-3 hours to cook. Monitoring the chicken’s internal temperature regularly is essential, checking every 15-30 minutes if it still needs to be done. 

Once the chicken breast reaches 165°F, it is safe to consume.

Smoke Chicken Breast at 225°F

Smokey, tender, and juicy, smoked chicken breast is a fantastic choice for your next backyard BBQ, family dinner, or meal prep. Follow these simple steps to smoke chicken breast at 225°F using your favorite smoker or grill.


  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of your favorite dry rub or seasoning blend
  • Wood chips for smoking (preferably apple, cherry, or hickory)

How long to smoke chicken breast at 225


  1. Prep the Chicken: Rinse the chicken breasts and pat them dry with paper towels. Coat each breast with a thin layer of olive oil, then generously apply the dry rub or seasoning blend, ensuring that all sides are covered.
  2. Prep the Smoker: Preheat your smoker or grill to 225°F. If using a charcoal grill or a smoker, light the coals or wood chips about 30 minutes beforehand to ensure an even heat during smoking. Once the smoker has reached the desired temperature, add the wood chips to the designated tray or directly on the coals. Place the wood chips in a smoker box or foil packet with holes poked on top if using a gas grill.
  3. Smoke the Chicken: Place the seasoned chicken breasts on the smoker or grill grates, ensuring they are not directly over any coals or flames. Close the lid, keep the vents open, and let the chicken smoke for 1-2 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F. This may vary depending on the thickness of the chicken breasts. Using a digital meat thermometer can help gauge the correct internal temperature.
  4. Rest and Serve: Remove the chicken breasts from the smoker or grill and let them rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing or serving. This allows the juices to redistribute, resulting in a more tender and juicy smoked chicken breast.

Now you can enjoy your delicious, perfectly smoked chicken breast at 225°F! Pair it with your favorite side dishes, toss it onto a salad, or use it to make the ultimate BBQ sandwich. The possibilities are endless!

Final Thoughts

Smoking chicken breast at 225°F is a great way to infuse delicious and complex flavors into a dish that is already a fan favorite. 

While smoking may seem intimidating, it can be relatively easy with the right approach. 

To begin, it’s important to smoke your wood chips in water for 30 minutes. This will help the wood chips to smoke more consistently and prevent them from catching flame. 

Once the chips have soaked, it’s time to get them into your smoker. From there, it’s all about patience and consistent temperature control to achieve juicy, tender, and flavor-filled chicken breast that will leave your guests asking for seconds.


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