Weber Spirit vs Genesis: A Grilling Showdown for BBQ Enthusiasts

When it comes to outdoor cooking, few brands boast the same reputation as Weber. With their range of high-quality grills and accessories, it’s no wonder BBQ enthusiasts around the world are eager to find the perfect Weber product for their culinary adventures. Amongst their lineup, two series emerge as fan favorites – the Weber Spirit vs Genesis. In this post, we’ll compare both of these models to give you a better idea of which one might best suit your outdoor grilling needs.

As you embark on your quest for the ultimate grilling experience, here’s a comprehensive comparison to help you choose between these two exceptional grills. Read on to find out more about what sets each model apart from the others so that you can decide which is right for you.

Weber Spirit vs Genesis Overview

Weber has done it again with their latest release, the 2022 Genesis line of gas grills. This new line is being hailed as the company’s “biggest gas grilling innovation in 15 years” – and for good reason. These grills pack more technology and features than ever before, taking the Genesis line to new heights.

Even though Weber’s Spirit line has always been full of modern features, the new Genesis models take things to another level. One standout feature is the built-in Weber Connect system, which allows for seamless remote monitoring through the Weber Connect app. This next-generation technology is the perfect addition for those who value convenience and tech in their grilling experiences.

Weber has truly outdone themselves with their new Genesis line of gas grills. With a larger sear station, you no longer have to worry about how many steaks you can sear at once, but they didn’t stop there.

The new grills have been designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to swap out the standard grill grates for a variety of different cooking surfaces, including a baking stone and a flat-top griddle. In addition to their versatility, the new grills have been upgraded with better storage, easier maneuverability, optional LED lighting, and a larger rotisserie bracket.

Weber has thought of everything, even doubling the size of the warming rack. The new Genesis line is certain to make your outdoor cooking experience a whole lot better.

1-Design and Manufacturing

Weber, a well-known brand in the grilling world, has faced controversy over the use of their “Made in the USA” label on their products. In 2011, it was discovered that many Weber grills used parts and components manufactured in Taiwan and China.

This led to a class-action lawsuit, which Weber settled by changing their label to “Made in the USA, incorporating globally sourced component parts.” The good news is that Weber products are still designed and developed in the USA. Their commitment to quality is evident in their rigorous testing and generous warranty. Despite the controversy, Weber continues to be a popular choice for grill enthusiasts.

Weber has been a household name for grilling enthusiasts for decades, but recent changes may come as a surprise to avid fans. While the brand’s Smokefire model is still made in the USA, all other Weber grills are now manufactured and assembled overseas. This shift is particularly evident in the Spirit and Genesis II lines, which are now entirely made in Taiwan or China.

2-Important Similarities and Differences

When it comes to Weber grills, two of the most popular series are the Spirit and Genesis II. While they have some similarities, there are also some key differences that are important to consider before making a purchase. The Spirit line is a great choice for those who are new to grilling or looking for a more budget-friendly option. It offers simple designs and features at a great value. On the other hand, the Genesis series caters to the more experienced griller who wants a higher-quality grill with premium features. If you spend lots of time grilling and consider it part of your lifestyle, a Genesis model might be the perfect fit for you.

Key similarities

-Number of burners: Both the Spirit and Genesis lines offer two to four burners, depending on the model.

-Enamelled cast iron grills: Both series feature enamelled cast iron grates, which are great for creating those iconic searing marks.

-Fuel type: All Weber grills use propane or natural gas, so you don’t have to worry about any special fuels.

-Side tables: All Weber grills come with two foldable side tables, which are perfect for keeping your tools and ingredients close by.

-Tool hooks: Weber grills have built-in tool hooks, so you can hang your tools for easy access.

-Ignition system: Weber’s standard electronic ignition system makes lighting your grill easier than ever.

Key differences

-Grill size: The Spirit grills come in smaller sizes, making them great for patios and small balconies. The Genesis models are larger, so they can handle more food and grilling space.

-Weber Connect: The Genesis line features the new Weber Connect technology, which allows for remote monitoring and more precise temperature control. The Spirit line does not offer this feature.

-Burner power: The Spirit grills have up to 26,500 BTUs of heat per burner, while the Genesis models can reach up to 36,000 BTUs.

-Warranty: The Spirit series comes with a 10-year warranty on the cook box and lid, whereas the Genesis line offers a 15-year warranty on those same parts.

-Warming rack / Top grill: The Spirit models come with a warming rack, while the Genesis line offers an extra top grill, which is great for cooking delicate items.

-Primary cooking area: The Spirit models have a primary cooking area of 280 square inches, while the Genesis grills have up to 646 square inches.

-Cart and wheels: The Spirit series offers a compact cart, while the Genesis grills come with heavy-duty wheels that make it easier to move around.

-Price: The Spirit line is more budget-friendly, with most models starting around $450. The Genesis series starts at around $800 and goes up from there.

3-Weber Spirit and Genesis Comparison Table

Feature Genesis II Spirit
Warranty 10-year 10-year Limited
Ignition/Burner System PUREBLU System Stainless Steel Burners
Grill Grates Stainless or Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron
New Smart Grill Tech. Available Available
Sizes Medium/Large Small/Medium
Sear Station Standard Spirit E-330 Only
Exterior Finish Stainless or Porcelain Enameled Porcelain Enameled

4-The GS4 PUREBLU Grilling System – Genesis II

For grill enthusiasts, the PUREBLUE system is a game-changer. While the Spirit line may not have this upgraded feature, it’s still worth exploring the benefits of this innovative grilling system. The system promises to improve grilling performance, making it easier to cook your favorite meats to perfection.

Plus, the PUREBLUE system allows for better grease management, reducing the risk of flare-ups and keeping your grill clean. But perhaps the best part is that it promises to enhance the taste of your food, making your favorite BBQ dishes even more delicious. So while the Spirit line may not have the PUREBLUE system, it’s worth considering the benefits it has to offer.

The upgrades include:

Grilling enthusiasts know that having a reliable ignition process is crucial for a successful barbecue experience. Thankfully, a new ignition system has been developed that promises to improve upon the old method.

With better electrodes, a protected ignition module, stronger wire coatings, and easily replaceable batteries, you can say goodbye to the frustration of struggling to light your grill.

But that’s not all – the upgrade also includes improved burner tubes that allow for even heating across the entire cooking surface. No more hot spots or unevenly cooked food!

In addition, triangular bars below the cooking surface deflect grease away from the burner, resulting in fewer flare-ups and more flavorful smoke for your meats.

And with a dedicated grease collection pan, cleanup is a breeze. With these exciting new features, grilling has never been better.

5-Weber Gas Grill Warranty

With two amazing model lines, you may be wondering what sets them apart. Enter the Spirit and Genesis II grills – one offering a 10-year limited warranty while the other boasts a full 10 years of coverage – presenting quite distinct differences! Here’s an inside look at how they differ from each

Weber Spirit Warranty Overview

Cookbox has been providing quality grills for the past 10 years that have stood the test of time. With no rust through or burn through, you can enjoy your outdoor cooking experience without worrying about replacing your grill every few years.

The burner tubes also come with a guarantee of 10 years, again with no rust through or burn through, which sets Cookbox apart from other grill brands.

The cooking grates, flavorizer bars, and porcelain-enameled cast iron grates are covered for 5 years with no rust through or burn through.

The lid also comes with a 10-year guarantee without rust through or burn through, and 2 years of paint protection against fading or discoloration.

The remaining parts are guaranteed for 2 years, ensuring that all of your Cookbox grill components are of superior quality.

Experience outdoor cooking at its finest with Cookbox, and enjoy your investment for years to come.

Weber Genesis Warranty Overview

Investing in a Weber grill means investing in quality and durability.

The cookbox and lid assembly will last for 12 years without rust-through or burn-through, with only the paint excluded from this guarantee. This means that you can focus on perfecting your grilling techniques without worrying about the longevity of your equipment.

The burner tubes, stainless steel cooking grates, Flavorizer bars, and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates also come with an impressive 10-year guarantee against rust-through or burn-through.

Even the electrical components, including the Weber Connect Controller, come with 3 year guarantee.

With so much confidence in their products, Weber stands behind their remaining parts for a full 5 years.

6-BTU Output

If you’re in the market for a new grill, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of options available. Two popular lines are the Spirit and Genesis lines from Weber. The Spirit line is a great option if you’re just starting out with grilling or have limited space, as it serves as a more introductory line.

Meanwhile, the Genesis line offers more advanced features, including PureBlu burners that provide even and efficient heating throughout the cooking space. With models that feature an upgraded 13,000 BTUs per hour sear station, you’ll be able to sear more steaks at once.

Both feature grills that pump out some serious heat – the Spirit line with 32,000 BTUs per hour and the Genesis line with an impressive 39,000 BTUs per hour.

7-Smart Grill Technology – Weber CONNECT

Weber has truly upped their grilling game with the introduction of the new Genesis line and their innovative Weber CONNECT system. This game-changing feature not only allows you to monitor temperatures and fuel levels at the grill with a display but also from your smartphone via the Weber CONNECT app.

It’s a feature that not all grills can boast of, but all the Genesis grills have it included. And for those who prefer the Spirit line, fear not – the new Spirit SX-315 smart grill also comes equipped with the Weber CONNECT system. With the ability to monitor your grill from anywhere, the Weber CONNECT system takes the guesswork out of grilling and puts you in control.

8-Performance and Grilling Capabilities

Regardless of your culinary expertise, both grills provide outstanding performance, thanks to Weber’s patented GS4 Grilling System. This system consists of an efficient Infinity Ignition, high-performance burners, Flavorizer Bars, and a grease management system for easy cleanup.

The Weber Spirit series typically offers a two or three-burner configuration, with total grilling power ranging between 26,500 – 32,000 BTUs per hour. The Genesis, however, provides an even more powerful offering, ranging from three to four burners with a grilling capacity of 39,000 – 48,000 BTUs per hour.

As a result, the Genesis delivers a quicker preheat time and more intense heat for expert-level searing, while the Spirit series provides an excellent grilling experience for home cooks with limited space.

9-Extra Features and Pricing

For the tech-savvy and feature-hungry, the Genesis series certainly doesn’t disappoint. While some Spirit models offer a side burner and a fold-down side table, the Genesis lineup goes the extra mile with its iGrill-ready feature. This enables you to connect your grill to a compatible device for monitoring cook times, fuel levels, and meal readiness via the Weber iGrill app.

Finally, the pricing must be considered. Weber Spirit grills cater to those on a tighter budget, delivering fantastic grilling capabilities at a more accessible price point. On the other hand, the Genesis series, with all its additional features and performance, carries a premium price tailored to those who are dedicated to their outdoor culinary pursuits.

Introductory Models: Weber Spirit E-310 vs Genesis E-325S

Weber Spirit E-310 Review

Weber Spirit E-310 perfect size just right for hosting a beachside BBQ or everyday family grilling. Its porcelain-enameled and cast-iron cooking grates allow you to evenly heat your food for that unbeatable, delicious taste. And with its durable, heavy design featuring a sturdy porcelain-enameled lid and cook box that won’t rust or peal over time, your days of replacing grills are long gone – you can be sure that the Weber Spirit E-310 will last through all your barbecues!

Plus, it comes with six convenient tool hooks so you always have quick and easy access to those most essential grilling utensils. And cleanup has never been easier – simply dump out the grease management system for next time without getting elbow deep in dishwashing soap and water. To top it off, this grill even has heavy-duty caster wheels so it’s easy to take it anywhere, whether on grass or a patio. With all these amazing features (and awesome flavor!), the Weber Spirit E-310 is an investment you won’t regret making.

Key Feature:

  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
  • Electronic Crossover ignition system
  • Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars
  • Porcelain-enameled lid
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Stainless steel side tables

The Spec:

  • The Brand is Weber
  • The Product Dimensions is 32″D x 52″W x 63″H
  • The Special Feature is a Porcelain-Enameled Lid, Tool Hooks, Stainless Steel Burners, Fuel Gauge, Porcelain-Enameled, Cast-Iron Cooking Grates, Warming RackPorcelain-Enameled
  • Lid, Tool Hooks, Stainless Steel Burners, Fuel Gauge, Porcelain-Enameled, Cast-Iron Cooking Grates, Warming Rack
  • The Color is Black
  • The Fuel Type is Gas

Weber Genesis E-325S Review

Weber Genesis E-325S is perfect for all your cooking needs, from hosting large gatherings to intimate meals with friends and family.

With its 513 square inches of cooking space and an expandable upper rack that can bring it up to 787 square inches, you have plenty of room to cook multiple dishes at once. The three powerful burners provide 39,000 BTUs per hour on low heat, giving you precise control over temperatures to ensure every meal is cooked perfectly. There’s also a large sear zone with 13,000 BTUs per hour so you can get even the thickest steaks seared and ready in no time.

Forget outdoor cooking as drudgery – Weber puts the fun back into it with their Genesis E-325S. With its reliable construction and cutting edge features, this Grill will bring bold flavors to life wherever you take it.

With the Weber Genesis E-325S, cooking has never been easier or more convenient. We know that grilling outdoors can be a hassle – you have to lug around bulky equipment, fight with unpredictable weather, and tap dance your way around grease spills. But with four swivel casters (two of which lock!), moving your Weber grill around is no sweat (but you still get the aroma). And if that weren’t enough, the E-325S comes equipped with a pull-out grease tray to make clean-up an absolute breeze! Whether it’s game day chips and dip or Sunday’s steak dinner, let the Weber Genesis E-325S make it happen – fast and easy.

The Spec:

  • The Brand is Weber
  • The Product Dimensions is 35.5″D x 30.75″W x 31″H
  • The Special Feature is Grease Tray, Pull-out
  • The Color is Black
  • The Finish Type is Painted

Key Feature:

  • Expandable Top Cooking Grate
  • Extra Large Side Table
  • Sear Station
  • Weber Crafted Grates
  • 3 Main Burners
  • Fuel Gauge (Liquid Propane Grills Only)

Mid-Range Models: Weber Spirit E-330 vs Genesis E-335

Weber Spirit E-330 review

For the backyard barbecue looking for the ultimate cooking experience, the Weber Spirit E-330 is here! With three burners offering 32,000 BTUs of heat and 529 square inches of grilling area, you can take on any cookout or meal with ease. But that’s not all: the Spirit E-330 features an internal sear burner that allows you to focus intense heat wherever you need it. And a side unit is also included, equipped with its own 12,000 BTU burner. Perfect for keeping food warm while the rest cooks to perfection! Fuel monitoring is made simple too – just check the external fuel gauge and adjust as necessary with minimal effort.

The Weber Spirit E-330 has porcelain-enameled, cast-iron grates and triangular flavor-enhancing bars. Not only do they make your meals tastier; they also help manage grease and eliminate flare-ups. A built-in thermometer helps ensure perfect cooking temperatures, so you can walk away feeling confident that dinner will be just the way you want it.

For convenience, this model also includes two side tables for all your food-prepping needs; six hooks for added organization; and two all-weather wheels with locking casters, making it easy to move from one place or another depending on the evening’s plans.

Key Feature:

  • Grill your steak to perfection every time.
  • Get amazing sear marks on your meat for flavor.
  • The side burner is perfect for simmering BBQ sauce.
  • The warming rack will keep food warm or toast buns.

The Spec:

  • The Brand is Weber
  • The Product Dimensions is 32.28″D x 25.59″W x 24.17″H
  • The Special Feature is Side Burner, Porcelain-Enameled Lid, Tool Hooks, Fuel Gauge, Sear Station, Porcelain-Enameled, Cast-Iron Cooking GratesSide Burner, Porcelain-Enameled
  • Lid, Tool Hooks, Fuel Gauge, Sear Station, Porcelain-Enameled, Cast-Iron Cooking Grates
  • The Color is Black
  • The Finish Type is Painted

Weber Genesis E-335 review

Introducing the Weber Genesis E-335: your new favorite way to host a cookout. This innovative grill packs an impressive punch, with a 13,000 BTU sear station for easy and consistent cooking every time.Plus, the grill locker provides extra storage space for any unused crafted grill items or larger grill tools — making it easier than ever to ensure everything’s exactly where you need it. To top things off, all of the wheels are now swivel casters, providing you with effortless mobility and re-positioning while two casters have locks to keep the grill in one place while you enjoy your BBQ masterpiece.

The Weber Genesis E-335 is the perfect choice for any grilling enthusiast. With an expansive cooking space of over 700 square inches, your favorite recipes and creations will all be cooked to you satisfaction with ease. Not to mention the 12,000 BTUs per hour side burner that can help you warm sauces or side dishes. You don’t have to worry about buying extra cookware either- this model comes with the frame for the Weber CRAFTED cookware system included. Plus, this grill is compatible with the Weber CONNECT smart system so you can have even more control over your grilling experience.

Key Feature:

  • Grill more food at once.
  • Get that perfect sear on a steak.
  • Create an entire outdoor kitchen.

The Spec:

  • The Brand is Weber
  • The Product Dimensions is 35.5″D x 30.75″W x 31″H
  • The Color is Black
  • The Fuel Type is Gas
  • The Finish Type is Painted

Smart Grill Models: Weber Spirit SX-315 vs Genesis EX-325s

Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Grill Review

The Weber Spirit SX-315 is the first smart grill in the Spirit line and a must-have for the griller looking to take their game to the next level. This handy little piece of equipment comes complete with a temperature probe and accompanying display, allowing you to monitor your cooking progress in real time. Plus, the WiFi Connect system makes it easy to keep track of exactly when to flip your meat, so every bite is cooked perfectly. And that’s not all—the fuel monitor tracks your fuel usage in detail so you can make adjustments as needed.

Introducing the Weber Spirit SX-315 – the perfect summer barbecue grill for your backyard! With quick and easy assembly, this sleek and stylish charcoal grill will be ready to fire up in no time. Equipped with three 32,000 BTU burners over a 529 total square inch of cooking space, you have plenty of room to spread out to ensure all your food is cooked evenly and efficiently. The main cooking area is a whopping 424 square inches while the warming rack adds an additional 105 inches. You won’t ever have to worry about running out of space on the SX-315!

Sad to say, there are some features that Weber left off, such as a sear station or side burner. However, if you prefer those features in your grill there’s always the Spirit E-330. Additionally, many grills lack a lid thermometer, so sadly this one does too.

The Spec:

  • The Brand is Weber
  • The Product Dimensions is 32″D x 49.5″W x 63″H
  • The Special features is Wi-Fi Connectivity, Step-by-Step Grilling Assistance, Food Readiness Countdown and Alerts, Real-Time Food Doneness Monitoring, Fuel Level Monitoring, and Alerts
  • The Color is Stainless Steel
  • The Recommended Uses For Product is Monitoring

Key Feature:

  • Get perfectly grilled food every time.
  • Monitor your food’s temperature so you can grill to perfection.
  • Grill anywhere with Wi-Fi access.
  • Keep your food warm on the warming rack.
  • Impress your friends and family with perfectly grilled food every time.

Weber Genesis EX-325s Review

Weber Genesis EX-325s is engineered with a whopping 39,00 BTUs per hour utilizing three burners across 787 square inches of cooking space – plus an included expanded warming rack that includes an additional 274 square inches of barbecue real estate. Thirteen thousand BTUs of direct heat make searing a breeze! The Genesis EX-325s even has the latest smart technology keeps you in the know, no matter where you are. Integrated with Weber CONNECT smart system, working away from the grill won’t mean missing a beat when it comes to monitoring the temperature of this baby.

Weber Genesis EX-325s takes outdoor cooking to the next level with its alluring features. Enjoy an extra-large grilling space that you won’t find on any other model in this price range. From small family barbecues to large get-togethers, our Ex-325s have you covered. Not only do you get six tool hooks to store your favorite tools at your finger tips, you also get two side shelves to help make prepping your meals as easy as possible. Without compromising on these features, we also included a new pull-out grease tray and 12 years’ worth of protection from our unbeatable warranty.

The Spec:

  • The Brand is Weber
  • The Product Dimensions is 35.5″D x 30.75″W x 31″H
  • The Color is Black
  • The Fuel Type is Gas
  • The Finish Type is Painted

Key Feature:

  • You can grill any food imaginable.
  • Grill multiple items at once.
  • The smart technology will help you grill perfectly every time.
  • Create culinary masterpieces on your grill.

Premium Model: Weber Genesis SPX-435 Smart Grill Review

The Weber Genesis SPX-435 gas grill is for the ultimate griller, providing an inviting and generous space to create some seriously delicious meals. With four stainless steel burners at your disposal, you’ll have a total of 994 square inches of cooking area offering 52,000 BTU of heat across the main surface!

You won’t need to worry about missing any flavor either – this model has an extra burner with 12,000 BTU of heat delivering all the smoky goodness you crave. And don’t forget that it also comes with a warming rack offering up an additional 274 square inches worth of capability.

Build rich memories around delicious dinners and barbecues made over a Weber grill – there’s nothing else like it! The Weber Genesis SPX-435 promises performance you can count on without fail.

With the Weber Genesis SPX-435, you can cook a delicious steak that tastes like it came from a restaurant. This 4-burner powerhouse is equipped with a 13,000 BTU Internal Sear Station to quickly reach temperatures high enough to make that perfect restaurant-style sear. The 7mm diameter stainless cooking grates give you superior heat conduction for juicier results and even charring. Plus, the integrated grease management system makes cleaning up much easier so you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing away the mess.

The Weber Genesis SPX-435 also comes with two side tables with plenty of prep space and two wheels with locking casters for extra mobility. Throw in its sleek, closed cart design and storage capabilities and you’ve got an all-in-one cooking monster perfect for any outdoor chef!

The Spec:

  • Brand is Webber
  • Product Dimensions is 35.5″D x 30.75″W x 31″H
  • Color is stainless steel
  • The finish Type is painted
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH) is 35.5 x 30.75 x 31 inches

Key Feature:

  • Grill food like a pro.
  • Get real-time alerts on your food.
  • Expandable cooking grate for large meals.
  • Impress your friends with your amazing culinary skills.

Table Comparison of all models



Primary Grilling Area

Main burner KW

Side burner

Sear station

Spirit II E 210


51 x 46cm




Spirit II E 310


60 x 46cm




Genesis II E 310


68 x 48cm




Genesis II E 330


68 x 48cm




Genesis II E 410


86 x 48cm




Genesis II E 435


86 x 48cm





FAQs About Weber Spirit vs Genesis

Is the Genesis line really worth the money?

Yes, the Genesis line offers superior performance and durability compared to the Spirit. It has a longer warranty than the Spirit and features improved burner tubes that offer even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface.

Additionally, the triangular bars below the cooking surface deflect grease away from the burner for fewer flare-ups and more flavorful smoke. So if you’re looking for a truly superior grilling experience, the Genesis line is worth the extra money.

What are some of the differences between Weber’s Spirit and Genesis?

The main difference between Weber Spirit and Genesis grills lies in their warranties – the Spirit comes with a 10-year limited warranty while the Genesis offers a full 10 years of coverage.

The Genesis also features improved burner tubes that provide even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface, as well as triangular bars below the cooking surface to deflect grease away from the burner for fewer flare-ups and more flavorful smoke.

Additionally, its dedicated grease collection pan makes cleanup easier than ever. It is also worth noting that the Genesis line offers a larger selection of models with more advanced features than the Spirit.

How much cooking area do I need?

The amount of cooking area you need will depend largely on the number of people you plan to feed. If you are typically cooking for a small group of 2-4 people, then a smaller grill with around 300 square inches of cooking space should suffice.

On the other hand, if you often find yourself hosting large gatherings or family dinners, then you may want to look for a model with upwards of 500 square inches of cooking area. This will ensure that you have plenty of space to accommodate all your guests.

Do Weber grills come with a cover?

Yes, most Weber grills come with a protective cover that helps keep your grill safe from the elements. It is always a good idea to cover your grill when not in use, as this will help extend its lifespan and keep it looking great for many years to come. The cover should be made of durable and weather-resistant materials such as polyester or vinyl. If you are unsure which size cover you need, consult the user manual that came with your grill.

What is the GS4 system?

The GS4 system is Weber’s exclusive grilling system that offers superior performance and convenience. It comprises four powerful components: the Infinity Ignition, high-performance burners, Flavorizer bars, and grease management system.

The infinity ignition helps ensure quick and reliable starts every time by creating an electronic spark at each burner tube when you turn the knob. The high-performance burners and Flavorizer bars create even heat distribution and irresistible smoke flavor. Finally, the grease management system helps keep your grill clean by channeling away excess fats and oils into a dedicated collection pan. This system is found on all Weber Genesis grills as well as some other models in the Weber line.

Conclusion – Weber Spirit vs Genesis

When it comes down to choosing between the Weber Spirit and Genesis series, your decision should hinge on your individual grilling needs, space constraints, and budget. The Spirit series is ideal for beginners or those with smaller families, while the Genesis series, designed with advanced features and more cooking power, is a perfect fit for the BBQ aficionado who wants to make a lasting impression during cookouts and gatherings.

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