Small Plates
Cheese Broils w/ Fresh Baby Oregon Shrimp – 8
Chef Billy’s secret blend of cheese, onions & other ingredients served over 8 baguette slices, topped w/ fresh baby Oregon Shrimp.Pan-Fried Oysters – 10.25 / 6.75 Half plate
8 Fresh Pacific Bay oysters lightly floured & pan-fried, served w/ cocktail & tarter sauces on the side. Choice of regular or chef Billy’s signature cajun.Pan-Seared Ahi w/ Wontons – 13
Our 6oz ahi filet pan seared rare over our ginger soy sauce topped w/ wasabi cream & scallions. Served w/ fried wontons.

Onion Rings – 6.75 (V)
Hand dipped in our homemade beer batter served w/ sweet chili aioli.

Billy Mac’s Homestyle Fries – 5.75 (V)
Basket of fries served with homemade fry sauce.

Shrimp or Shrimp – 12 (GF)
Charlie’s Slippery Shrimp tossed in sweet garlic tomato sauce of fiery hot style w/ Red Hot, fresh lime juice & garlic, both topped with green onions.Billy Mac’s Housemade Strips – 9.5 (GF)
Boneless breast meat lightly coated w/ corn starch & deep fried. Choice of regular or fiery hot style w/ Red Hot, fresh lime juice & garlic. Served w/ ranch or bleu cheese.
Add fries – 1.5Calamari Rings – 9.75 (GF)
Coated w/ corn starch, deep fried & served w/ marinara sauce & garlic aioli.
Try w/ cajun spices & sweet chili aioli – Add .50

Breaded Chicken Strips – 9.5
5 original recipe strips served w/ fries.
3 strips – 6.5

Hummus Platter w/ Grilled Pita Bread – 10.5 (V)
Chef Billy’s Garlic Hummus served w/ feta cheese, kalamata olives, fresh vegetables & grilled pita bread.

Soups & Salads
All soups & salads served with Grandma’s Rolls!
Add grilled or blackened chicken breast – one for 4 / two for 6
Add grilled or blackened salmon – 10
Add bacon – 1.5Chef Billy’s Housemade Soups – 5 / 7.5
Choose a cup or bowl of Chef Bill’s scratch made Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Soup or fresh Soup of the Day.Thai Beef Salad – 16
Rib Eye steak grilled w/ Asian spices sliced & served over greens in our warm Thai dressing w/ oranges, cilantro & hazelnuts.

Chef Salad – 11.5 (GF)
Turkey, ham, prime rib, cheddar & swiss on top of fresh greens w/ boiled egg & fresh garden vegetables.

Soup & Salad Combo – 9.5
Our dinner salad and a cup of soup w/ endless Grandma’s rolls.
Substitute for Caesar Salad – Add 2.5

Dinner Salad – 5.75 (GF) (V)
Variety of fresh greens w/ tomato, cucumber, carrots & onions.Caesar Caesar – 10.5 (V)
Caesar salad w/ Chef Bill’s housemade Caesar dressing!
Side Caesar – 6.5Billy’s Greek Salad – 12 (GF) (V)
Mixed greens w/ fresh tomatoes, Kalamata olives, feta & marinated garbanzo beans tossed in our balsamic vinaigrette.

Hot Spinach & Shrimp Salad – 14 (GF)
Fresh shrimp & crumbled bacon sauteed in a warm, sweet & sour dressing, served on a bed of fresh spinach.

Billy’s Cobb Salad – 13.5 (GF)
Fresh greens w/ boneless chicken breast, egg slices, fresh tomatoes, avocado, bacon & bleu cheese.

Grandma’s Rolls To Go – 6
Enjoy a dozen Grandma’s Rolls at your next meal!

Your choice of wheat or flour tortilla served w/ fries or cottage cheese. Substitutes a salad for $2.50

Club Wrap – 11.75
Turkey, ham and bacon w/ melted cheddar, lettuce, tomato & garlic mayonnaise.

Cajun California Wrap – 12.5
Grilled chicken w/ cajun spices, avocado, melted cheddar w/ garlic mayonnaise, lettuce & tomatoes.

Veggie Wrap – 10.5 (V)
Melted swiss & cheddar w/ sauteed onions, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes & fresh lettuce w/ garlic mayonnaise.Caesar Wrap – 12.5
Grilled chicken, hickory smoked bacon slices & Chef Bill’s famous Caesar salad w/ garlic mayonnaise.Billy’s Greek Chicken Wrap – 12.5
Grilled chicken w/ feta cheese, black & Kalamata olives, sliced tomatoes, lettuce & grilled red onions.
All entrees are served with fresh vegetables and your choice of garlic mashed potatoes, fries or rice pilaf.

Pasta Melange – 17.5
Shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, & green onions tossed in fettuccini w/ garlic cream sauce, topped w/ parmesan cheese.

Italian Chicken Favorites – 17.75
Choose from our famous Chicken Piccata or Chicken Marsala. Prepared in a classic Italian style.

Rib-Eye Steak – 19 / 22 / 28
Your choice of 8 / 12 / 16 oz. rib-eye steak grilled to order.
Add cajun spices, sauteed mushrooms or bleu cheese – 1 each

Oyster Dinner – 18.75
Fresh pacific oysters, lightly coated & pan-fried served w/ cocktail & tarter sauce. Choose from regular or Chef Billy’s signature cajun style.

India Baked Salmon – 19
An original Chef Billy recipe featuring fresh wild salmon baked w/ a hickory smoked brown sugar glaze. Northwest flavor at its very best!

Pasta Primavera – 14
Mushrooms, onions, broccoli, zucchini squash & sun-dried tomatoes in garlic cream sauce w/ fresh fettuccini pasta.
Add grilled or cajun chicken – 5
Add blackened or grilled salmon – 8Brandied Pepper Steak – 23
Our 12oz rib-eye steak coated with garlic & peppercorns sauteed w/ onions and peppers, finished with brandy and fresh cream.Whiskey Cured Prime Rib – 19 / 22 / 28
(Available Friday & Saturday only)
Your choice of 8 / 12 / 16 oz prime rib marinated w/ cracked pepper, rock salt & sour mash whiskey. Baked & served w/ a creamy horseradish sauce & au jus.

Blackened Salmon – 19
Filet of fresh wild salmon coated w/ cajun spices & blackened in a cast iron skillet w/ olive oil. Served over caramelized onions & topped w/ melted bleu cheese.

Sandwiches & Burgers
Billy Mac’s Natural Brew Burger – 9
A 1/3 pound of lean ground beef on a sesame seed or whole wheat bun w/ lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle.
Make it a double! – Add 3.5Garden Burger – 8.75 (V)
The original garden burger charbroiled to perfection served on a sesame seed or whole wheat bun.Mesquite Salmon Sandwich – 15
Seasoned salmon filet charbroiled and served w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & garlic aioli.

Little Kids Grilled Cheese – 7 (V)
The all-time classic. Sourdough wheat bread w/ Tillamook Cheddar grilled to perfection.

Fish & Chips – 13 / 17
Your choice of 2 or 3 pieces of our fresh fish selection from Newman’s! Beer battered & deep fried. Served w/ cocktail & tarter sauce.

Turkey Burger – 9
Housemade turkey burger w/ onion, garlic and Italian spices charbroiled and served on a sesame seed or whole wheat bun.The Best Club – 11.5
Turkey breast, bacon, hickory smoked ham, lettuce & tomato stacked between 3 slices of sourdough wheat bread.Big Kids Grilled Cheese – 9.5 (V)
Your childhood favorite is now better than ever! Swiss, cheddar & pepper jack w/ caramelized onions, grilled green apples and dijon mustard served on sourdough wheat bread.
Add ham or turkey – 3

Chef Bill’s Prime Dip – 14
Tender slices of juicy prime rib on a french roll w/ caramelized onions & Jarlsberg swiss cheese served w/ side of creamy horseradish sauce and au jus.

Poulet Grille w/ Small Caesar Salad – 13
Two marinated, boneless chicken breasts charbroiled, served open face on toasted sourdough bread w/ cream cheese.
Half plate – 10

Gourmet Pizza
All pizzas baked on a 10″ housemade, Italian herb crust.

Greek Chicken Pie – 14
Chicken, Kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, feta & mozzarella cheese w/ housemade marinara sauce.

Gorgonzola Pie – 12 (V)
Gorgonzola & parmesan cheese, olive oil, tomatoes & oregano.

Veggie Pie – 12.5 (V)
Onions, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes, mozzarella & parmesan cheese w/ housemade marinara sauce.Pepperoni – 11.5
Housemade marinara w/ mozzarella cheese & fresh pepperoni.Cheese – 10 (V)
Housemade marinara w/ mozzarella cheese.
Beverages & Desserts
Soft Drinks – 2
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew $.1.75Crater Lake Gourmet Sodas – 2.75
Root Beer & Orange Cream Soda
by the bottle.Lemonade – 1.75

Red Bull – 3

Coffee – 2.75
Regular or decaf.

Tea – 1.5
Hot tea & brewed iced tea.

Beer Selection

Billy Mac’s always carries a variety of rotation beers on tap and in bottles. Ask your server for our current lineup.

Chef Billy’s Housemade Desserts – 5
Always fresh. Always housemade. Ask your server for the available desserts for the day!Chocolate Dipped Truffle – 2
Housemade and hand-dipped in Euphoria chocolate.Billy Mac’s Famous Hand-Scooped Milk Shakes – 5
Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

Scoop of Ice Cream – 2.25
Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.